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חנוכיית האור

Keep Their Flame Alive

Disadvantaged youth in Israel need us now more than ever. But with your support, we can show them a brighter future.

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*Ships in time for Chanukah!


They’re Surrounded by Darkness,
We Show Them the Light.

At Youth of Light of Patrizio Paoletti Association, we work with at-risk teens all over Israel, and teach them to create, shape and sell high-quality, artisanal candles, soaps and more. And in the process, they learn important life lessons and on-the-job skills they need for a brighter future. We work with every teen who needs us — regardless of their religion, ethnicity, political affiliation or background. 

But because of the current and devastating war in Israel, our operations have been halted. We need your support now more than ever, to allow us to continue serving this vulnerable population. 

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Virtual Candle

Until we can get back to producing our stunning handcrafts, you can show your support by purchasing a virtual version!


Chanukah Menorah

Get a high-quality menorah delivered right to your door, just in time for the holiday

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If you want to support us but don’t want to purchase anything, simply make a donation! 

 Don’t Let These Kids Go Forgotten,

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